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I Hate the Smell of a Rat

21st Century Man

Silver & Gold

Work Me Like a Dog

Home Is The Hardest Place To Find

British Flag


Cristina, It's Christmas Time

Modern Belle

Northern Rain

Control Freak

100% Cotton

Misery Lake

An Accident Waiting to Happen

(Awoo Woo Woo)

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Home Is The Hardest Place To Find







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Quote from The Courier Mail (QLD, Australia): 

"Melodic indie pop-rock with a decidedly ’90s flavour, aided by the fact singer-songwriter Alex Moran’s vocals are somewhere between Dave Grohl’s and Neil Young’s"


Quote from The Skinny: 

“Is It Funny When It Hurts? Is a debut full of relaxed confidence and is a leap forward for the band.”


Quote from The Metro: 

“Is It Funny When It Hurts? Gets a big thumbs up, we applaud the edgy guitar sound and thought provoking lyrics reminiscent of Pixies and Idlewild.”


"This (QAAM upcoming 2nd EP) is the indie genre churning out one of its finer offerings of the past few years."


Quote from Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music: 

"QAAM are no strangers to the BBC Introducing Mixtape. We featured An Accident Waiting To Happen (Awoo Woo Woo) in February and Casketcase in June.


Despite alarm bells ringing from the word “Christmas” in the title, this track comes from their splendid debut EP British Flag which was actually released in August. In any case, the groove and performance on this track are simply irresistible – the band’s strongest work to date. Roll on 2015."


Quote from Vic Galloway BBC Radio Scotland: 

“They’re picking up a wee buzz about themselves.”


Quote from The Sun:

“They’ve only been going for just over a year, but Quiet as a Mouse are fast becoming one of Scotland’s hottest prospects…’Home Is The Hardest Place To Find’ is a soaring anthem packed full of melody…it reminds me of Snow Patrol’s edgier moments.”


Quote from The Daily Record:

“Some bands don’t even achieve such a great track as ‘An Accident Waiting To Happen (Awoo Woo Woo)’ let alone give it away for free. It’s a contender for Scottish single of the year.”


“There is enough in Alex Moran’s band’s armoury to sink a battleship…New single Casketcase is a heady mix of Weezer and Nirvana, its Goth for the new millennium…I love this band.”


The Daily Record called Alex “a genius and a prophet” and said of the ‘British Flag’ EP “like The Smiths, Orange Juice and Brian Jonestown Massacre; its knowing, fragile and indie-tastic.” They also mention QAAM's first single ‘An Accident Waiting To Happen (Awoo Woo Woo)’ calling it “one of the best songs they have heard in over ten years.”


Quote from The Herald:

‘Home Is The Hardest Place To Find’ was selected by The Herald’s Martin Williams as the 51st best song of 2013 and 27th best Scottish song of 2013 calling it “Majestic offkilter alterno-indie.”


Quote from STV News:

Live acoustic performance of ‘The Day The Cat Came To Stay, click for article


Quote from the Edinburgh Evening News:

“Inspired in part by the shimmer of Teenage Fanclub and the heaviness of Nirvana. This blend seems to have won them a few admirers, mohawk-haired Scottish music impresario Jim Gellatly among them. Now is a good chance as any to seize the day and say 'I was there' before their popular reference points elevate them to a bigger festival stage than the Tall Ships festival."


Quote from Unseen Music Blog:

"If this EP is anything to go by, Edinburgh based rock band The Seven Deadly Sins aren’t afraid to challenge their audience. New release ‘Misery Lake’ features four songs which each have their own feel, leading to an EP which ebbs and flows in many different directions.


‘Yesterday’ is a wistful, folksy number, in which fuzzy noise is replaced by jauntily strummed acoustic guitar reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel. It’s a move that catches the listener off guard, but equally doesn’t feel self indulgent or out of place. The title track by comparison is even softer, and after building slowly amid chiming guitars it explodes into a euphoric finale. As if trying to keep us on our toes.


All in all, the ‘Misery Lake’ EP is a selection of eclectic but well written songs, which serves to showcase this band’s burgeoning songwriting ability."


Quote from the Andy Garibaldi, Dead Earnest Blog/Website:

"Edinburgh band's debut EP and one that showcases four aspects of the band over four tracks, yet remains consistent in that it sounds like one band at work throughout.


'An Accident Waiting To Happen’ kicks things off in rousing style with shuffling rhythms sounding more like an express train rather than a goods train, rhythms overlaid with twangy, chiming guitars and where crashing cymbals emphasize vocals, and the vocal takes off like a rocket on a song that just gallops along. The verses are sung with a kind of sneering content, strong and strident, yet suddenly bursting out into the chorus then settles back to the verses, going back and forth with ever greater intensity as the song progresses, that chorus lifting you up every time it appears.


From there, ‘Yesterday’ is a completely different affair as slowly rolling rhythms reveal twangy guitars that shine out as the song bounces along merrily on waves of well sung leads and hushed, full-sounding harmony vocals, the song taking on an almost Americana orientation, full of depth from the vocals, flowing rhythms and the wonderfully restrained guitars chiming away throughout. A truly magical and quite strident song.


The title track begins quietly with soft bass, delicately ringing guitar, as a languid vocal enters on top and the mood is quite haunting. The verses then drift almost imperceptibly into the chorus and the song takes on a decided keyboard-less early seventies Pink Floyd appeal, like one of the more reflective songs off something such as “More” or “Atom Heart” but delivered with a modern slant as the lead guitar rings out slowly over the chiming rhythm guitar, river of bass, soft beats and the swathes of vocal and harmonies, delivering the chorus with emotion.  The song then suddenly surges into life and comes right up to date as a red hot lead guitar takes the reigns, the rhythms are beefed up, the bass positively pounds, the guitars scythe through while all the time the vocal harmonies remain languid and delicious – truly a stunner of a track.


The EP ends on ‘I Hate The Smell Of A Rat’ which is a ferociously delivered (for this band) slice of adrenaline-rush songwriting as the band and singer drive headlong through deliberate verses and accelerated choruses, more harmonies adding depth, the guitars riffing and rolling with authority, even a searing lead guitar breaking out half way through for added bite.


Another great song ending what's been an absolutely fantastic, faultless EP and I, for one can't wait to hear the album when it comes."


Quote from Electric Harmony, Bristol:

"With the arrival of Edinburgh-based band The Seven Deadly Sins, indie just found its dirty side. From the Cobain-inspired rhythmic moans serving to structure ‘An Accident Waiting to Happen,’ to the mean-spirited guitar opening of ‘Work Me Like a Dog,’ Alex Moran has created a sound fusing early 90s grunge with the peppy indie of contemporary times: think Bloc Party meets Nirvana”


Quote from a Brighton based Publicist/Manager:

"Very much contemporary, have an eye to reviving some of the best alternative sounds from previous decades. On discovering the band I was immediately impressed with ‘French Bullet Blues’ which reminded me of Teenage Fanclub and The Pixies. ‘An Accident Waiting to Happen’ also has a great feel to it too, infectious and almost creepy, with a massive chorus."


Quote from the Feed the Fish Music Blog:

“Anyway, for people who enjoy artists such as Dinosaur Jr, Lemonheads, a wee bit Elliot Smith, Blind Melon and Teenage Fanclub then we guarantee you will like listening to at least ONE if not ALL of their songs."


Quote from the Indie Bands Blog:

“'Misery Lake’ - how could a track firmly embossed in the bottom string not entice, well this is the heart and soul of the release. This is a challenging track and a dichotomy for the ears as it takes a completely different direction as the music lays back in tempo and the vocal is given the canvass in which to play. Let it develop and you will find The Seven Deadly Sins in superb form, sometimes the best does lie in the final moments, patience will be rewarded.”


Quote from the Independent Music News:

“Even though I’m more than comfortable sharing these guys with all you wonderful readers, SDS almost feels like the kind of band I resist from sharing with other. For the only reason so that I can seem super cool when I drop their name or recommend them to someone else. Its like the Smiths seductively found a way to get into Teenage Fanclub’s pants which spawned this delightfully sin-laden fruit of adultery known to us today as the Seven Deadly Sins. Just try going from their tracks ‘Yesterday’ to ‘I Hate the Smell of a Rat’ and tell me you can’t picture the same loud and lively yet laid-back love child.”


Quote from Beard Rock:

“Their new EP 'Misery Lake' starts and ends with rocky, rollin' shagging numbers that remind me of (eeek!) The Gun Club, one of my favourite bands of all time! Now, The rather fantastic 'An accident waiting to happen (Awoo woo woo)' could fit easily on 'Miami' with its confident vocals, start/stop guitar drum crashes and leading bass. A+ for studying your album history lads.”


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The Seven Deadly Sins - 21st Century Man

 (Official Music Video)



Alex Moran is a singer/songwriter currently leading both indie/alternative bands Quiet as a Mouse and The Seven Deadly Sins in Brisbane, Australia.


He composes and performs his own material and Over the Hedge Music is pleased to be able to publish and promote his songs.